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Bandung, Indonesia




Siswanda HS
B_Trust Senior Director

Indonesia has been moving along with its decentralization reform since 1999, some success stories have been achieved, yet many local governments are still struggling with such a big bang decentralization. This transition period of political, economic and governance opened up Indonesia’s civil society to become positive or driving forces, in which civil society organizations were playing an increasingly important role. Within the decentralization era, mainly CSOs playan important role as “watchdog” of programs implemented by local governments. This situation has made an unbalance condition of decentralization implementation. Local governments have been monitored and watched by CSOs that reveal mostly the weaknesses of the program and policy implementations. Yet, to improve its decentralization program, Local Governments need to adhere with partners to the same principles.

The above condition has strongly encouraged B_Trust to commence its constructive engagement with local governments, thus directly or indirectly help to improve the quality of service delivery, foster transparency and accountability through active partnership and constructive technical assistance provision.

To enable B_Trust for better engagement, the values of activism and the criteria of professionalism and consultancy blended and incorporated. As a result, B_Trust has been conducting a number of technical provisions to develop public services i.e. local economic development through the establishment of PPTSP (Pelayanan Perijinan Terpadu Satu Pintu) or One Stop Services for Licensing and Permits, Pro poor budgeting, public procurement reform, public complaint handling, banishing democracy barriers for elderly and disabled etc.

A number of success stories and lessons learned have been accomplished throughout B_Trustjourney since 2001in a number of local governments throughout Indonesia. Yet, many challenges need to be solved and followed up. However, we believe that the participatory technical assistance and LGs – CSOs partnership approach will remain powerful and result better. Thus, B_Trust will keep exploring and maintaining its roles now and in the future. Through this profile book, we try to share our vision, programs, activities, media coverage that show the strengths of LGs – CSOs partnerships for better delivery of good governance.