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Expertise Areas

Public Procurement

To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public spending, B_Trust assists government and public institutions in reforming the public procurement through modernization of procurement unit, system, and process. Program Example about Public Procurement :

Technical Assistance and Mentoring Services for the Institutional Establishment of Permanent Procurement Service Units (PSUs) | Funded by Millennium Challenge Account - Indonesia | 2014 -2018

Improving Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement | Funded by European Union | 2012-2017

Case Studies of Procurement Practices at the Sub-National Level | Funded by the Asia Foundation, the World Bank | 2011

Procurement Reform in Local Governments by Promoting Stakeholder Participation | Funded by European Union | 2009-2010

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Complaint Handling

To increase the quality and inclusiveness of public services, B_Trust assists government institutions in establishing and operating complaint handling units.

Strengthening Implementation of LAPOR! SP4N in National Land Agency District Offices| Funded by USAID CEGAH | 2019-2020

Strengthening Implementation of LAPOR! SP4N in 5 Ministries & 24 Local Governments | Funded by USAID CEGAH | 2017-2019

Improving Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement| Funded by European Union | 2012-2017

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Business Licensing & Investment Climate

To increase the economic growth in the regions, B_Trust assists local governments in conducting initiatives to improve their ease of doing business such as by implementing one-stop licensing service units. Program Example about business licensing and investment climate :

Baseline Survey of business development service providers (BDSP) for National Support for Local Investment Initiative (NSLIC) | Funded by Global Affairs Canada | 2017-2018

Service provider to carry out OSS enhancement for Support to Indonesia's Islands Integrity Program for Sulawesi (SIPS) | Funded by Cowater, Global Affairs Canada | 2013-2015

Technical assistance to enhance OSS for better investment climate | Funded by Indonesia-Netherlands Association | 2010-2011

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Planning & Budgeting

B_Trust encourages the government to implement a just, participatory, and evidence-based approach in designing, preparing, implementing, and evaluating regulations, strategies, and programs. Program Examples about planning, budgeting, monitoring & Evaluation :

Support to local governments in developing roadmaps to achieve SDGs in PEDULI SDGs program | Funded by European Union | 2020 - 2022

Technical Support in Developing the Ministry of Health's Background Study and Organisation Management Assessment | Funded by UNICEF | 2018-2019

Improvement of Community Participation for Pro-Poor Local Government's Budget Policy through Religious Social Organisation | Funded by the Asia Foundation | 2006-2007

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Democracy Building

To improve the quality of democracy, we conducted initiatives to increase the substantive representation and participation of marginalized groups in politics in the hope for improved political outcome. example program about democracy building :

Strengthening Roles, Capacity and Competencies of Women Parliament Members| Funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) | 2009 - 2019

Minimizing the Apathy of Marginal Elderly and the Disabled through Civic Education and Electoral Dissemination | Funded by UNDP, CIDA | 2009, 2014

Technical Assistance for Establishing Constituency Service Office | Funded by USAID DRSP | 2009 - 2010

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